The Looks to Own

Exactly what you want to accelerate your style. Not so classic, but never trendy.
Engineered with a dynamic balance of detail & form.
Experience the difference with confidence.


Grey Hoodie

Made for your non-stop lifestyle

Rule 18 gives you a versatile look that allows you to do just about any activity. The hoodie takes an unexpected turn to luxury street. Soft enough to wear next to your skin. Of course this sweater looks great layered too.

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Striped Polo

Break barriers without compromising your character

Rule 18 is all about putting a modern spin on the traditional polo shirt. Unexpected details like woven trim and a button-down collar set the pace. A cotton performance blend ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement.

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Rule 18 Sport Shirt

Distinguished, yet far from flashy

A nicely tailored, premium cotton sport shirt doesn’t have to look like all the others. Rule 18 presents micro patterns that elevate your style without being too loud or too quiet. It’s just the right volume.

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