it is not given,
it is a choice

The true legend of Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones was a man of uncompromising principle and unwavering integrity.
He proved it on the golf course when he called a penalty on himself, costing him the 1925 U.S. Open.
Rule 18 celebrates this spirit, along with his deeply held virtues of honor, responsibility and respect, to inspire a gentleman to
Be The Better Man.
We are the next generation of Bobby Jones.

Character and integrity are not bought.
They are not inherited. They are not a birth rite. They are earned through the choices you make every day.

You can choose to be authentic and be true to your spirit and character at all times.

You can choose to act with honor and do what you say you are going to do.

You can choose responsibility and own 100% of your actions.

You can choose respect and treat the world and everyone around you as valuable and important.

You can choose integrity and do the right thing when the world is watching or when no one is watching.

Your choices define your character. What do you choose?